2838 Fork Shoals Road
Piedmont, SC 29673

About Us

In 1976, Setters Tools, Inc., began operations from the garage of its founders, Frederick and Janelle Goff. Fred set out to patent a Spiral Cage Feed Finger he developed from over thirty years of experience in the screw machine industry. From that 2-car garage, Setters expanded to a 2500-square-foot block building in 1980, and added an additional 2000 square feet in 1984. In 1989, Setters Tools expanded once again to their present location, a 10,000-square-foot manufacturing facility in Piedmont, South Carolina. The founders' son, Michael Goff, took over daily operations in 1987 with a continued focus on providing the highest quality products possible at a reasonable cost. Today, every customer interaction is guided by the mission statement set forth by Fred and Janelle Goff nearly forty years ago.


It is our endeavor to provide world class service to our customer. To us, this means:

  • To provide the highest quality product, utilizing the latest technologies as well as the finest machinists.
  • To provide our customers with products which meet or exceed their requirements with respect to quality, delivery and cost
  • To instill in our customer a confidence in their vendor through immediate response recognition, as in we know you, we know your requirements, and we exceed them.


Setters Tools Inc. is dedicated to total customer satisfaction in all aspects of our business. Quality Control is priority one. Through a combination of sampling and statistical process control (SPC), utilizing the latest in gaging technology, we monitor the quality of products manufactured to insure they meet customer requirements. Our quality system is based on MIL-45208A and MIL STD 105E as well as ISO9002 guidelines.

Gaging Equipment:

  • Brown & Sharpe CMM
  • Mitutoyo Optical Comparator 14" Screen with Surface Illumination and Digital Readout 1" - 2" .00005
  • Wilson Rockwell Hardness tester B,C scale ( 1998 )
  • Mitutoyo 18" Heightmaster (1996)
  • Starrett 2'x3' super face plates, two (1995)
  • Mitutoyo digital/SPC output Micrometers, six (0"- 6")
  • Mitutoyo Micrometer set ( 0" - 18" )
  • Mitytoyo Intri-Mic set (.100 thru 2.500)
  • Federal Gage Block set Tungsten/Carbide certified NIS 3
  • Mitutoyo Digital/SPC output Calipers, four (0-6" and 0"-8")
  • Rotary V-blocks ( concentricity test )
  • Starrett granite surface plates, two ( 24" x 36" )
  • SPC Computer Software Mitutoyo dial indicators, ten (.001 to .00001)
  • Fowler digital/SPC thread pitch comparator, two
  • Mitutoyo Holtest set, 1/4" to 2"
  • Cylindrical plug gage set
  • Brown & Sharpe depth gage set ( 0"-8" )