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5080-2105-P and PB.DV05.112
5080-2105-P and PB.DV05.112
Additional Photos 5080-2105-P and PB.DV05.112 PB-DV05-112

We introduced this Piggyback Style Spiral Cage pusher 15 years ago to answer the problem of short feedout, scratch free! The short feed tube allows for double caged pusher.

Setters Piggyback Feed Tube and Spiral Double cage pusher. Key benefits include:

  • Increases gripping ability during capacaity size feeding
  • Allows scratch free feeding of shaped bar
  • Tube and finger are seperate units to allow for many size double cage pusher possibilities without added expense of tube purchases for each job

This is an exclusive product of Setters Tools Inc. Available from Setters and select distributors worldwide.

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